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La Cueva Videos


Production Synopsis:

Inspired by the fantastical landforms of Turkey and the rich musical inspiration of that region, La Cueva (The Cave) is an imaginative and beautiful journey told through Flamenco. Entrancing melodies, multi-media projections, unforgettable costumes and the high energy of flamenco rhythm and sound fill this production.

More About La Cueva:

Evoking the imagery of magnificence of the monolithic stone pyramids, the fairy chimneys and thousand year-old Byzantine caves that fill the landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey, La Cueva is based on the personal experience of dancer Fiona Malena, who travelled to the rock caves of Turkey last year.


La Cueva is the metaphorical journey to find refuge in the vastness of the unordered land. It is a refuge that is both physical and emotional. Rooted to the earth, and rooted in the self.


Through music, dance and improvisation, La Cueva explores the connection of the inner, personal world (the “cave” within) with the outer physical environment: all imbued with the vastness, the desolation, the sublime, the struggling chaos. The culmination of this progression is the cohesive combination of the emotional, the physical and the imaginative worlds - creating a unified reality.

"Fiona is a multifaceted talent with the ability to mesh new elements together seamlessly making her productions so vibrant and engaging."

(Milena Petrovic, Modern Socialite Magazine)

Russia Tour Video


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