Inspired by the fantastical landforms of Turkey and the rich musical inspiration of that region, La Cueva (The Cave) is an imaginative and beautiful journey told through Flamenco. Entrancing melodies, multi-media projections, unforgettable costumes and the high energy of flamenco/turkish rhythm and sound fill this production.


Fiona Malena developed La Cueva during a creative residency in Turkey in 2014 in collaboration with Flamenco and Sufi musicians. She travelled with London based director Saulo Jamariqueli to photograph sequences in thousand-year-old Byzantine rock caves and fairy chimneys, later integrating the stunning images within this highly visual production.


“La Cueva” premiered and toured to sold-out audiences and has most recently been presented at the Royal Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic.



European Ensemble (Germany/Czech Republic)

Fiona Malena (dance)

Dario Piga (guitar)

Rafael Prada (singer)

Michael Cába (percussion)

Akbar Nicolas (guitar/singer)


Artists from Spain and Turkey include

Alvaro Antona Villar (guitar)

Juan Fariña (singer)

Esref Berk Turkoglu (ney flute)

Mehmet Mert Baycan (percussion)

Photo by Saulo Jamariqueli

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