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Deep in the Southern Spanish mountains, art transforms the forest. Latticework roots are uplifted and the dancer is among them. In this intermingling of art and nature, the borders between the imaginary and the real; the arboreal world emerges. 

In Arbolé, dancer Fiona Malena collaborates with dance sensation Karen Lugo who has been described as a “triumph of style and invention” (The Washington Post). Featuring some of Spain’s outstanding performers, guitarist Victor Márquez “El Tomate” and singer Juan Debel, Arbolé integrates images of imaginative artwork imbedded directly in nature by artist Rinat Izhak.


Arbolé premiered and toured Canada September, 2015

Karen Lugo (Dance)
Fiona Malena (Dance, Artistic Director)
Victor Marquez "El Tomate" (Guitar)
Juan Debel (Vocals/Cante)

Artistic Collaboration
Valdelarte Arts Centre, Sierra de Huelva, Spain
Artist Rinat Izhak
Costume Design Isabel De La Rosa
Photo Adam Newby  


Fiona Malena acknowledges the generous support of the Province of Alberta through Alberta Foundation for the Arts for the creation and production of "Arbolé"

photo by Tony Field
photo by Tony Field
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