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Fiona Malena received her training and formation as a dancer in Seville, Spain. Her acclaimed teachers include Farruquito, Concha Vargas and Isabel Bayón, among others. Fiona performs frequently with her ensemble and as a guest artist with other ensembles worldwide, including in Israel, Canada, Germany, Spain, the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom. 


Often collaborating with Spain's top flamenco artists such as El Torombo, José Anillo, Ramón Martínez, Juan Ogalla, David Palomar and Pedro Sierra, Fiona has choreographed new works for the stage since 2001. In 2012, Fiona presented “Eclipse” at the Vancouver International Flamenco festival (Waterfront Theatre) and toured Western Canada, culminating in opening for esteemed dancer Manuel Liñan.  This year, Fiona's latest production "Puertas" succesfully toured the UK, followed by Western Canada, consistently performing to sold-out audiences.


Noted past performances include the Alcázar palaces of Jerez de la Frontera and Seville, Spain and various other International Flamenco Festivals in Canada, where she has both premiered new productions and opened for esteemed dancers such as Rubén Olmo (Toronto International Flamenco Festival).  Other performances include the Peña de Londres (London, England) and she has also shared the stage with singers such as La Tobala, Kisko de Alcalá, Niño de Elche, Manuel Malena, David Palomar, guitarists Oscar Lago and Pascual de Lorca, among others. 


A defining quality of Fiona's artistic trajectory is her work with unusual instrumentation and  energized fusion such as Jazz-flamenco projects, including performances with saxophonist Oliver Miguel and multiple Juno award winner Cuban-Jazz pianist Hilario Durán. Other projects have included mounting the production “Echoes” (2011), featuring dancer Irene La Sentío and integrating live performance with slow-motion capture video. Fiona has also taught workshops and mounted choreography for various professional performing companies, including at the Sadler's Wells studios (Escuela de Baile Londres) in London, England.


Thes past few years in Spain, Fiona's ensemble was presented at many venues such as Peña Pies Plomo, T de Triana, La Caja Negra and El Monasterio de La Cartuja. Highlights of her recent choreographic work include the unique fusion of the melodic percussion instrument known as the Hang drum, played by Liron Man. The latest performance of this collaboration took place in Tel Aviv, Israel, to a sold out audience. 


Fiona is also the artistic director of the non-profit organization Fiona Malena Flamenco Society and has been the director of the Calgary International Flamenco Festival since it’s inception. 


Fiona's upcoming performances with her ensemble include La Sala Garufa and Peña Niño de la Alfalfa in Seville, Spain. She also looks forward to performing and teaching in Germany and touring Ecuador in upcoming months.






"Fiona has verve, theatricality and engaging magnetism"

(Eulalia Pablo, El Eco de la Memoria, May 28, 2013)

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